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Default The Buss On No. BS K-9 Extremes

First I'll say by checking Marty's info on the forum & the web , they are quite a impressive solid looking trap . I understand from what Marty has said that he's shown them to a senior member of the FIC & he said he can't see why they wouldn't be certified given the well made construction of the trap . That sounds great. The regulations say certified traps just recommended but not yet mandatory which in the mean time a person can use them, this is great .! But if they don't get certified & maybe it will be quite a while before they do but if they don't then what . As Marty has said the fact that it will not be 100% implemented & which parts of it are not law as more of it becomes implemented . Also Marty is right hopefully Wildlife Enforcement Officers are up on the standards . Confusing issue . Hopefully one is not faced in the field with a Officer not up on standards & is ready with his ticket book while your arguing to make your point but this would be on the extreme side I would think . Anyway I'm considering the investment given the information on the trap . Any views/opinions /or info from anyone that has used these already in Alberta . Thanks
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