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Originally Posted by Salavee View Post
Just a question .. When shooting over deoys or pass shooting, just how do you manage to center the shot pattern consistently on the head.? AFIK . the shot pattern at 30 to 40 yds will be anywhere from 30-40 in wide and the shot string
wil be about 12" long (depending in Choke used) and the barrel is usually moving. The bird could be moving in any direction at approx. 33 ft per second. What's your secret? I'm thinking every Clay you shoot must be a duster. It's not that I don't beleive you, just that I would like to see you do it.
I am not saying that I am able to center every pattern over the head/neck area, I am saying that I use the head/neck area as my target area, rather than just shooting at the mass of the body. As to being able to hit the head/neck area fairly consistently, compare the side profile of a clay, to the head/neck area of a goose, and it should be obvious, that the head/neck of a goose is larger than the side profile of the clay. As to the speed of the birds, a goose flying by might be doing 45mph, while a landing goose may be less than 10 mph, whereas a clay could be doing anywhere from 5 mph to 60mph, depending on the presentation.
Only accurate guns are interesting.

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