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Default Warnings and Infractions

I want everybody to understand how our system works here because we seem to be using it a lot lately.

Depending on the severity of a negligent post, either a "warning" or an "infraction" is issued to the board user by a moderator.

A "warning" is just that... a warning. A second "warning" within the timeframe given by the moderator results in an "infraction". However, an "infraction" can be issued without a "warning."

An "infraction" is also issued with a timeframe and is worth 1 point. If you receive a 2nd infraction within that timeframe you are immediately suspended for that timeframe (2 points). A 3rd infraction is immediate expulsion from the board.

These are just guidelines. If a moderator feels you have purposely overstepped the rules, you can be banned immediately.

Our system records the "warnings" and "infractions" issued to each user and are kept on a permanent record.

Continued abuse of the rules will not be tolerated.

This is a public forum provided for the benefit of hunters, anglers and trappers to converse in a productive and informative manner. Please respect the rules of this board.

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