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Arrow Effective Advertisement tricks and techniques

Effective advertisement tricks and techniques.

First; indicate what you are wishing to do, buy, sell, looking for. Utilization of abbreviations such as WTB, WTS, WTT, LF, are good to use. Include this in the ads title. (Spelling counts too)

Second; give a short concise description of the item, make, model, size, cartridge chambering, age, usage indication( round count, mileage), any special notables for enhancement, or damage.

Third; if your selling an item include at least one good quality photograph. Usage of photo hosting sites, and directions on how to post pictures, are in numerous stickies on this site.

Fourth; any attachments, add ons, accessories.

Fifth; asking price or price range.

Sixth; preferred payment method.

Seventh; where you are located, this can be in the ad, but can also be updated in your member profile.

write up courtesy of Dick284
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