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Originally Posted by RavYak View Post
Iíve been following Los Buzos for a while now. If you go in dry windy season they include panga use as either a mothership or fishing from panga. That was just added this year as they used to shut down since the winds can be a bit much from kayak but if they Scott down around the coast there is some protected water.

Not cheap but noticeably cheaper than the boat lodges in the area and if interested in kayak fishing would be a good choice. I donít know how easy the fishing is but it seems like most can catch a decent rooster in a weeks stay. Cubrera snapper, broomtail grouper and smaller tuna are the other good catches, some sailfish around at certain times.

Going with a boat focused lodge will cost more but can better chase big tuna, sailfish, marlin etc. If happy with roosters, cubrera and tuna probably would do fine at los buzos if you donít mind kayaking.

I keep thinking of going down there but havenít bit the bullet yet. There is another place just up the coast same idea but doesnít get as much coverage(mostly because of Robert Field endorsing los buzos). If you google kayak fishing Panama can find it. Seems decent too but not as much information available even though I believe they have been around longer.
The Mothership deal is what we were actually looking at. We haven't done a ton of kayak fishing to date, but have done some.

I'll do some searching to find the name of the other location. Thanks.

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