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Originally Posted by elkhunter1234 View Post
Now Iím confused.. is this thread about the Tikka T3X in the 6.5 Creedmoor or about the awesomeness of coyoteman??? Ether way thanks for the read...

Originally Posted by marky_mark View Post
I hope you get a couple critters with your creedmoor
Im using the 147gr for my creed also
My load is using H4350 lapua brass and cc450 primers
Itís only running at 2611 FPS but sd of like 2 and es of 5 out of my bergara
Tikkas are nice but lack the availability of aftermarket parts
I threw a tt diamond on mine and itís a well under a half now rifle
But I think Iím just going to use my 6.5x284 for hunting this year again
I have a great load with the new 156gr Berger eol
And the 400 FPS advantage with the same accuracy is a no brainer
September 17 just next week--And for sure you are field ready.When that big buck comes into view,you will be confident that the bullet will hit exactly were you are aiming.Time on the range well spent.Unfortunately that is not the case for many hunters.Good luck.
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