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Originally Posted by coyoteman View Post
I guess you missed the 270 guy,who mentioned 30 yd shots--As long as were on the subject,i cart wheeled a running cow moose in thick brush at less than 30 yds, with a 12ga slug--right place right time,luck sometimes a factor when hunting.Another time,only about a mile from my house in the goulds,I met a young bull,about 20yds running towards me down a path,again dropped him with a 12 ga slug.

I get a kick out of your stories coyote. We can't all be Hemingways.

Was just kidding 're the Creedmoor. I know they're capable. I'd probably own one but I stepped up to a real cartridge, 25-06, plus I don't have enough Club Z points.
Go ahead. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.
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