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Default 6,5 creedmoor

Originally Posted by marky_mark View Post
FYI unless your first name is Jim last name is shockey donít at like it is
Iím glad to hear that your in love with your new rifle
But your not reinventing the wheel nor are you the first person to shoot a tikka or a creedmoor
Iíd go easy on the lecturing. Itís obvious you donít really know what your talking about
Carried a Browning 30-06 for almost 30years now that was a good rifle-Dropped moose and caribou like rag dolls.180gr win lead tip bullets,the most effective.Weaver 4 power tip off mounts,for Quick tip off to iron sites when scope fogged up,during bad weather--The best killsa 32point Bull moose near Capehaden,and a fly in on the long range mountains,and a huge Caribou went down with one shot.
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