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Default Tikka 3tx--Field ready

Originally Posted by marky_mark View Post
Ive found some big es from the hornady factory ammo

Whats your load for the eldxs?

I can answer with my load:

143gr ELDX
210M primer
41.0gr H4350
COAL 2.830

Produces a zippy 2780fps in a KSA 24 inch tube. This slippery load holds 1800fps at 820 yards.

5-shot group results:
ES: 25
SD: 9.6
After multiple 5- shot groups off bench rest, I conclude that accuracy is from 0.5-0.9MOA.

129 Long Range Accubond over Varget produced my lowest ES/SD at 9/3.6, but group size was in the 1.5MOA range. Velocity was 2864fps.

I went for accuracy and velocity over statistics. If I ever shot at extreme long range, I would be more focused on a load with both great accuracy, velocity and low SD/ES.

If you want speed, shoot the LRAccubond over RL17. I got them up to 3061fps! (Disclaimer: start low and work your way up...)

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