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Originally Posted by Pikebreath View Post
Really glad to hear that there are fly fishers in Alberta who know as much or more than Barry Mitchell and can't learn anything at all from him,,,

Trout anglers in particular in Alberta owe Barry a huge debt for his willingness to pass on his considerable knowledge about trout fishing in Alberta and even more importantly his efforts to protect, restore and enhance Alberta cold water fisheries. I sometimes shudder to think what shape our fisheries would be in today without Barry's dedicated strong willed advocacy and action on behalf of our streams and the trout that live in them.
Been fishing since 1970, started fly fishing by 1980. Knew Barry from the back roads, but his book doesn't have much in it that wasn't written before. Heck, I couldn't give a dang what you opinion is, I know enough from life to not worry about your opinion.
Found the book in my library, and laughed at your post all over again
Its a tough life being outspoken. Even worse when, people hate hearing the truth.
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