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Here is picture of 585HE in a Montana Rifle Co. PH action.
The double stack mag for the 505 Gibbs they make works ok.
The Enfield in the Hogue stock above is gone.

We also had guy show us how the case can work for a
high energy subsonic cartridge. High energy for subsonic
1600 gr at 1050 fps. The 585HE Whisper
Anyone with some way overbore 14.9 mm necked
cases on huge actions, can make case inserts for
using our case to fire subsonic And fire 650gr or 750 gr at
high speeds. Can't get 14.9 Russian cases use ours in
same gun with inserts.

Break action I like we did on a CBC by mono-blocking in a 585
barrel set up especially for Minie bullets of 440 to 540 gr.

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