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Very cool project but I think you need to represent the recoil a little more accurately, unless you are using 15 LB guns. What does the foot pounds of kick work out to in an 11 lb rifle 188. I know what a 460 Weatherby kicks like and with a 500 grain bullet at 2800 fps it produces 115 Ft Lbs. Just on the numbers, even the light loads are going to be up there with the 460. There aren't many people who think a 460 needs to kick more than it already does.

Load One
Bullet weight in grains 700
Velocity in fps 2800
Powder charge in grains 150
Weight of firearm in lbs 11

Recoil Impulse in (lbs sec) 11
Velocity of recoiling firearm (fps) 33
Free recoil energy in (ft/lbs) 188
Load Two
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