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Originally Posted by MaxxiD View Post
So, my last 2 $30-$50 rods from Canadian Tire have snapped, you know, the tip with the last eyelet on has snapped off. Not because I've caught a fish, because I was changing a hook or adding bait.

So now I think it's time for an upgrade. My wife and I are going to Bass Pro on Saturday and it's new rod time. Anybody have any recommendations for reasonably priced rod/reel combos? Do you think I should keep the Canadian Tire reel and just spend all my money on a rod? Why am I told to touch elbows instead of shaking hands, then also told to sneeze and cough into my elbow? Are there any fish in Glenmore resevoir?

Thanks for reading

My name is Max
If you're worried about durability, buy an Ugly Stik. Look for a GX2 or Elite, and pair it with a Pflueger President reel. I normally avoid buying combos.
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