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My hunting partner died in an accident a few years ago; been going out by myself but my wife gets pretty worried. I go into some remote places. Now I'm starting to 2nd guess it, too. Maybe not such a good idea.

I'm interested in somebody who'd be able to go for 2 weeks to hunt Elk into 429 or ?. I know a lot of the province, but that's pretty handy and there's a few animals around. I'm open to other areas, too.

I prefer to take in a wall tent and a shyteload of gear and grub - I can only stand so much Kraft dinner. Lots of coffee. I've never been able to quit smoking, so if that bugs you, don't answer.

I'm pretty easygoing, but you do need to be able to shoot straight. Wounded animals are bad news. It's always possible, I guess, but I rattle off a lot of ammo each year to make sure that doesn't happen. If you carry a .388 Nitro Magnum, we're probably not real compatible. Most guys I've run into over the years shooting something real big don't shoot straight. I do own a .300 Mag (which I built) but it's really intended for big bears - someday. Bring a sense of humour, carry your weight and leave the bellyaching at home and we'd get along fine.

That shyteload of gear goes in with a quad and trailer. Then I go from there. I'm mostly a still hunter. I'm good enough that last year I walked up on a few cow Elk and a couple days later a doe and fawn feeding in the pines to within about 50 ft. and they never did figure out that I wasn't just some gawd-awful ugly stump. Not the first time. (The elk didn't take very long to figure out I wasn't an ugly stump, but I sure could've filled a cow tag). I like to sit and wait a lot, too. Have a new tree stand and would like to give that a go this year.

I don't hunt real ratty places because I'm all done packing out meat on my back. I want to drop an animal close to where I can get it with the quad and a rope. Now, if the bugger was a real big 6x6, I guess I'd drop it wherever the he!! it stood and deal with it

If you'd prefer to bring in your own camp nearby and just have somebody handy to notice you/I didn't come back and to search for the body before you get too cold and stiff, that's fine, too.

I'm in the Red Deer area, so if interested send me a pm and we can meet for a Tim's.
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