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Hi all,

I have been hunting in Alberta for the last twenty-six past years. I was born east of Cow-town, and have had couple different hunting partners over the years. I have hunted both big game and birds. Right now I am seeking primarily a big game hunting partner.
Upon till ten years ago I did not hunt alone, but soured over dealing with a**holes. Since then I have hunted alone exclusively. The wife has kind of hinted that she does not want to have to call the RCMP to go find me some day, so I am hesitantly looking for a new hunting partner. Experience is not as important to me as much as attitude.
You should be:

•An ethical hunter.
•Not interested in “road” hunting, or in, “bending the rules”, AKA, poaching.
•Willing to hunt on foot – quads are not evil - but not a necessity.
•Willing to rough it – fifth wheels are not a requirement.
•Be in reasonable physical condition – I know CPR but that doesn’t mean I want to use it.
•Have a basic understanding of firearms safety and use – no 10000 meter shots.
•Be able to enjoy being outdoors – even if it is cold & wet.

My experience is mainly working & hunting in the central & northern foothills & mountains, although I am also familiar with the western north-country as well. I have in mind a one or two week Elk / Deer hunt in either WMU 344, or 353/354, (Berland river area) or shorter hunts in WMU 349 (Two-Creeks area)

The above WMU’s are general tags for all except Moose. If someone has knowledge of good spot that is on draw, I do have a priority 3 for Bull Elk, a priority 2 for both Buck & Doe White-tail & a priority 1 for Bull Moose.
(Just remember there are only seven days left for draws.)
“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell
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