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A couple things to consider are anchoring depth and wind conditions. That will help you decide how much rope you need.

The anchor won't have to be that big for your boat. I have a 16' aluminum boat with a small anchor (I think it is 15lb) and 100' of line. I end up tying the line off of the nose with a clip also attached at the end of the line. I am not anchoring in gale for winds. I am also not anchoring more than 30' deep.

I have never anchored off the stern. It may be possible but that seems a bit dangerous to me because you would be taking waves over the back of the boat. If you anchor off the side you would be taking the waves side ways.

I have noticed that the best anchor systems have a piece of heavy chain between the rope and the anchor. This acts as a bit of a shock absorber. That would probably be over kill for an aluminum boat though.

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