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Originally Posted by southernman View Post
Don't know the location you are planing, I have shot a number of Thar, in the Twizel area over the years,
Currently there is chopper culling in progress, very much need in my view, I've seen mobs of upward of 50-60 animals, too many for the alpine tussock to remain stable, Still be good hunting, but it will likely be harder and more animals will not be recoverable, due to them retreating in to steep tight gut, cliffs.
I just eat a bit of Thar on the hill, it's pretty tough, taste is ok only, a young nanny is meant to be ok, I've only tried meat from a bull.
Chamiosis much better eating, lots of Thar won't be many chammy, more Thar the closer you are to the main spine of theSouthern Alps.
I suspect that you will have to contact Canada customs for import rules, and that it may require at miminum a licence butcher to process meat.

Mate, I counted over 300 in one giant basin we were hunting up the Rangitata. It was ridiculous, the tussock was all gnawed down near the river bottoms. A bit of a cull was definitely required.

The young nannies were shot were absolutely delicious. Marbled fat on them that time of year. You cannot get better camp meat. Having backstraps back at camp every night was so much better than the backcountrys hahaha. The meat from the big bulls wasn't as good, but we still enjoyed it.

BTW, thanks again for the favour and please say hi to your father for me. It's too bad I never got to come say hi when you were back in Taranaki.
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