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Two years ago I did this exact hunt on my own
Rifle had to be inspected by the police at the airport no big deal back then except we arrived at 3:00am so fining the officer was a bit of a wait.
Skulls I boiled with a turkey fryer. Be sure they are clean and dry in the brain area and inside the horn sheath. They must be boiled till separated. You donít really want to eat much of that tahr meat itís no so good. Backs straps tenderloin and you will have had your fix. I didnít eat chamois but they are better I think.
I shot a tahr and wild Marino sheep. The tahr hide was pretty clean, salted dry or frozen solid for customs.
The sheep I had great visions of a rug until I started skinning and the ticks and bugs and critters that started crawling out I figured there was no way customs was going to allow it and would create problems and delays so I left the cape and did a euro mount.
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