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Originally Posted by Andy44 View Post
It's very easy to put a replacement Marcum arm on the Hummingbird. I did it on my ice 35. I bought the arm for like 20 bucks at The Fishing Hole. Take off one of the posts used for wrapping the transducer cable and replace it with the Marcum arm held by two washers, a nut and a bolt.

To properly secure the cable to the end of the Marcum arm I use the same grey rubber clip thing that comes with the Hummingbird ice flashers. Put the cable through the end of the Marcum arm and then set the length of the cable as you normally would and run the cable through the furthest of the 2 holes on the little grey rubber clip. To make sure it doesn't slide down wrap the cable once just behind the round end of the arm and then put it through the closest hole on the grey clip.

Works like a charm for me. No more stupid float moving around my hole and it's much easier to pull the transducer straight out of the hole without catching it on the edge.
Thanks for the awesome suggestion Andy44.....I'm gonna replicate exactly what you did
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