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Default Humminbird Ice 35/45/55 Transducer Cable Question

I have an Ice 55 and was wondering whether that second "support" cable is really necessary. On their FAQ page the first item addressed is their two cable system.

Question: *Why do the Humminbird ICE Series flashers have two cables on their transducers?

Answer: *Humminbird's transducer assembly contains both a support cable and a signal cable. The support cable hangs the transducer at the proper position in the water, and the signal cable connects the transducer to the control head. Because Johnson Outdoors believes in respecting the intellectual property of others, we specifically designed our assembly such that it would not infringe a specific patent relating to suspending an ice fishing transducer by its signal cable. For that reason, the transducer should be utilized per the instructions in the owner's manual at all times.*

I interpret their material as saying, "We couldn't copy Vexilar to a tee, so we added this stupid second cable, but it's really not necessary".

Do any of you guys who run Humminbird, disregard this "support" cable?

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