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Originally Posted by cdmc View Post
Been knowlage of a cat roaming our 1/4 since logging started last month. It has in the past been keeping away from the animals and livestock/home site. Last week had fresh tracks within 20 yards of the house. Dog was killed off neighbors deck last month.

How does a guy approach this? Not a cat Hunter and given every other 1/4 is private dogs become an issue crossing property lines.

Cat is a youngster from wife's description
Any person who is the owner or occupant of privately owned land may at any time of year, hunt (but not trap) cougar on such lands without a licence. Hunting with dogs is prohibited under this authority. Under this authority, registration is required within one week of the kill by bringing the skin and skull (or intact carcass) to a Fish and Wildlife office. A premolar tooth will be retained for aging.

* It is not legally necessary to salvage pelts of furbearing animals (includes coyote and wolf) or black bear taken in accordance with regulations authorizing the control of problem wildlife set out in this part. The skin and skull of cougar taken on privately-owned land as described must be submitted at time of registration as noted, but the cougar pelt does not need to be further salvaged. Click here for information about seasons for coyote and wolf.
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