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Originally Posted by Bonescreek View Post
Bessie, posted a day out hunting with his son.

It was meant to be read as a hunting story, nothing more.

Simply sharing time spent in the outdoors with his son.

It's sad to see some can't simply read his recollections for what they
are and enjoy.

Nothing wrong, nothing illeal, no one hurt. From what Bessie posted I
shouldn't even have to type this line of text.

He told us all about a great day on the mountain with his son.

Thanks Bessie.
Yes it is Bessie story and he wrote it as it was, nothing about being stalked he said the cougar was coming looking for the 2 fighting bucks. This is the way it is in most cases people out calling for deer elk or moose often covered in scent of what there trying to find and something comes out like a cougar wolf or bear doing nothing but looking for the food source it thinks is there.
It is the human that changes it all and says there being stalked for it sounds better, when that is not the case at all.
Bessie had a great day out with his son as you mentioned and got to see wildlife doing what it does.
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