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Originally Posted by DireWolf View Post
Made my final payment (SFRC let me do that for some reason) on a 102 stripped receiver set on order that ships in May, so I've started to look around for parts.

Handgrauds in Armlite spec are well $400 and that is basically the cost of a barrel. However, somebody posted a handguard on CGN and I ended PM him asking how it had turned out. Gave me the thumbs up and said it was all to spec.

Its named the TriRock you can have either 12'' and 15'' version, are Armalite spec (1-7/16" X 18 UNEF-3A) thread, 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized, and the "15 one is 1.17lb which is 0.26lbs lighter than stock. The only downside is keymod, but, for grips and stuff for that, it is perfectly acceptable if you ask me.

Best part they are ONLY $50!


Originally Posted by Skytop B View Post
Good to know, I like the stock one. They do however need a barrel, trigger and high-pressure bolt with an undersize firing pin. I tossed the stock barrel and fit a 6.5 x 47 Lapua on mine. How much for a stripped receiver and estimated wait? I want to build one from scratch as well.
Stirp receiver was a one-time thing back in January, and I have no idea whether or not they will do it again. They are $830 with tax and I did it over 3 months. The only way I could afford it. I was just planning on buying stuff slowly over the coming year, but, an insurance claim from being rear-ended (C-1500 vs audi q4, C-1500 won) is changing that and I'm very excited.

I am waiting to actually get the receiver set (ships in May, unless delayed) and as soon as I get I am heading over to Alberta Tactical Rifle to figure out compatibility with the BCG (I hope the Brownells one does, lowest cost) and barrel etc. Trying to wade through CGN or GOC is just a pain in the ass and I just do not feel like buying a bunch of parts that may not fit.

However, from what has been officially posted I have been able to figure out some of the specs. Hence I have put some of the basic parts on a list that should be compatible. This is a do everything rifle, so I have been taking cues from my personal use case/experience and the "what would Stoner do?" rifle project:

Geissele SUPER CHARGING HANDLE 7.62 or Radian Raptor AR-10 7.62 $100-$170 respectively (Cross dominant, going to be learning to shoot Left so this is needed for me. I have read online that the Radian Raptor does need mod's with gen 1, I do not know with gen 2. The Geissele is drop in from what I have read and has the approval of InRangeTV, I have a lot of respect for them. I am leaning to the Raptor due to the significant cost reduction, but, having to mod it is putting me off)

Matador Arms The Stinger (I do not feel like ****ing people off at the range, part of a Swiss Rifle club and I would enjoy being able to make friends. Also Matador is a local company) $109.99

ALG Defense ALG Combat Trigger (Will be hunting gun so I think that this will be a good option to prevent AD, but, not have a gritty or crapy parts kit trigger. Also, I have shot Enfields a lot and have no issues with there trigger. This one kinda has similar pull weights to an Enfield) $89.70

TriRock 15''Hand Guard $50 (already bought, shipping takes a long ass time)

Standard pistol grip: $15.00

Basic A1 or A2 with buffer tube: Not sure what the price will be since I will be using JP Captured Recoil sring. ATR has a full A2 kit with spring and buffer for $175. Take the spring and buffer out not sure what it will be.

JP Enterprises Silent Captured Recoil Buffer Spring $220.00

Crossfire II 2-7x32 (wanted a 2-7 Diamondback, but discontinued) $200

Grip pod of some description

The barrel I have had a quote of $450 for a barrel from Mystic Precision

BGC if the Brownells one works and headspaces $200. If it doesn't well dammit more money...

Then all the small ass crap I am missing.

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