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I have owned a few BLRs. They are a decent shooting rifle for a hunting gun. They are not a good target rig. Would be far better off with a bolt gun for target practice. None of the ones I had liked to be shot hot, or even real warm. You can improve their behaviour by bedding the forearm, and butt stock but you do need to know what you are doing. Getting rid of the front barrel band helps a bunch too but unless you have the tools you will need a smith to accomplish this. (Two common methods, make an end cap like a Winchester 94 or tap the barrel for a screw that does through the end of the forearm to hold it on. To test if the barrel band is having an effect you can temporarily remove it snad shoot the gun to see what effect that has, the forearm is held on primarily by a long bolt that runs through it horizontally. If you don't want to take it to a smith you can reduce the effect of the Barrel band by coating the inside of it with paint on rubber coating.

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