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Originally Posted by elkhunter11 View Post
The CFOs seem to interpret the rules as they please, and here is the interpretation that they seem to be using.

Target Shooting Practice and Competition

To be authorized to have restricted firearms for target shooting purposes, an individual must provide proof that he or she practices or competes at an approved shooting club or range. For more information about approved shooting clubs and ranges, contact the appropriate provincial or territorial CFO by calling 1-800-731‑4000.

So in order to target shoot on your own property, you would need to have it approved for restricted weapons, and getting your property approved as a restricted range, won't be easy to do.
I know my english "aint no good" but the way I read that statement is that to own the handgun you have to belong to the range. It doesn't say anything about shooting said gun anywhere (e.g. in your back 40).

ergo - if you belong to a club then you can shoot in the field.

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