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Originally Posted by JD848 View Post
I have an power inverter I carry in my truck,i haven't bought this auger ,but with a good inverter you should be able to recharge while out fishing.I will google an let you guys know.If someone has that setup let me know the charge up time please.

"Charges 120V Trophy Strike Lithium Ion Batteries (2.0Ah and 3.0Ah). This charger can be used with an input voltage of 100-250V and an AC frequency of 50-60Hz. Plugs into a 120V AC outlet (normal household voltage). Features an LED light that indicates the operating status and the state of charge of the battery. Charging is simple you simply slide the battering into place until it locks in and the LED will flash green showing the battery is charging once the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will show a steady green light. Lithium Ion batteries are an excellent choice as they have no memory effect therefore a partial charge will not damage your battery. The charger is wall mountable for convenient storage. Charging time: 100 minutes/2.0Ah battery, 150 minutes/3.0Ah battery. 120 volts."
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