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For I have passed the years of drinking for effect, now I go for the enjoyment of it, and I have found some fun exploring the many flavours of whiskies. Just to add the odd opinion for some favourites

Scotch: Wemyss Malts makes a Kiln Ember blended malt. A buddy of mine said it best, its a smokie milkshake with how smooth it is. Its about 80 a bottle.

Rye: Riddton Rye was one Ive recently discovered, and a straight rye whisky. Its around 90

Bourbon: Basil and Hayden make a great high rye bouron, and my uncle loves their dark, which has a bit of port in it. Pretty smooth, lots of flavour.

Beer: I wander all over coop liquor and pick at random, but my go to's: Okanagan springs pale ale for the summer, and gransville islands winter ale from october till when stocks run out
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