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Default Marty - Itís The Moon

The other day I caught a melanistic coyote, which is very unusual in itself, but a Trapper in Leduc County caught one on the same exact day as mine. What are the odds of that happening?

Hereís the spooky part. On January 16, the day that both melanstic coyotes were caught, there was a new moon!

BAM! Ya see, darker coloured coyotes like it dark so they can sneak around undetected like little coyote ninjas and donít like a bright moon. Pale coyotes like the ones that you have down there, like the full moon because their shadow isnít as dark as our darker coyotes up here. Plus, they donít see well so they need a bright moon just to get around......Kind of the Mr Magoo of coyotes. This would explain why they donít see a bare snare on a trail thatís not even camouflaged.

There ya have it. Dark coyote = dark moon. Pale coyotes = bright moon. Itís a proof of a proof.
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