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Vaseline melted with a bottle of skunk essence. I add some fish oil as well to thin it out a bit. Found it works just as good as any store bought and lasts wayyyy longer as you get more for less money.

Powder River for Lynx but costs way too much so I am trying the rotted lynx guts in a bucket but seeing limited results. Caught more fox and coyotes in my lynx pens than lynx lol .....

Weasels and mink I catch in my Marten boxes with my Vaseline and Skunk mix.

Wolves. Rotted half a beaver in a bit of water all summer. Throw in a burlap sack to hang by a nail in the center of my snares and throw some bait out for the ravens to make racket and if you place your snares well enough the wolves circle and get caught.
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