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Question Actual rule? Or more confusion courtesy of F&W employees?

You have already identified the appropriate section of the 2019 Alberta Hunting Regulations that allows for a shotgun to be discharged from a roadway while hunting game birds.
The F&W officer may have been referencing the No Firearm Discharge within 1km of a trail that has been in force in the McLean Creek area for a few years. I had not heard that this restriction has been extended to other areas of Kananaskis Country. A quick scan of the Alberta Parks website does not support the officers claim, unless specific signage is in place as per the April 16, 2016 Public Advisory:
Public AdvisoryOperationsOct 23, 2017Firearm Use Restriction -PLUZ© 2017Government of AlbertaPage 1of 1Notice: McLean Creek and Kananaskis Public Land Use Zones Firearm Use Restriction Area
Effective: April 15, 2016
Per section 181 and 182 of the Public Lands Administration Regulation(PLAR), an officer may direct, by placing signs or notices, a person to refrain from doing anything that may be considered dangerous or detrimental to the management of the public land use zone.
The safe discharge of a firearm (per PLAR sec. 188(2))for purposes other than legal licensed hunting upon public land is permitted “outside” the restricted one kilometer zone perimeter polygon.
The restricted firearm use polygon replicates the current existing“No Camping and No Open Fires”polygon. The polygon is applicable to a distance of one kilometer both sides of the road commencing at road center.
The No Open Fires and No Campingpolygon boundary exists unchanged since the establishment of the McLean Creek and Kananaskis Public Land Use Zones (PLUZ) and is available as a standard map layer to Albertans.
In addition to Firearm use Restriction signage, notices will be posted on PLUZ information kiosks and on the Alberta Environment and Parks website. The McLean Creek and Kananaskis PLUZ maps arereadily available online, at information kiosks and from local AEP offices.
Here is the link :
The .pdf page includes a link to the .pdf map that shows the firearms discharge restriction on the McLean Creek Trail area.

Good Luck. Let us know what you find out.
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