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Default Road shooting

Originally Posted by osterous View Post
Yesterday I was told by a F&W officer that it was illegal to discharge a shotgun
along a roadway. Regs (page 28 #9b) says I can. This was along the Powderface Trail that runs between HWY 68 and HWY 66 west of Calgary.
Now, I searched both the Wildlife Act and the HWY Safety Act (and probably missed) for the actual legal wording of this rule. I know that I can do it but I would love to have a copy of the legal text.
Can anyone provide me with the legal source?
Just for the record,a warden told me a couple of days ago,you can walk, and shoot phesants on the road at Hopewell release site.The gentlemans name Dan Visser.403-934-3422.
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