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I can definitely provide more background for sure. I got it from an acquaintance in February of this year, originally purchased in late 2017. I've never even hunted with it since I only got it this year. Its absolutely never been dropped by myself or banged around, I take good care of it and its only been shot at the range. It may have occurred under the previous owner's care, however when I got it I looked it over and spent time getting it dialled in. I've never pressed it myself, its only been worked on by Hoyt dealers. I'm not sure what type of press it was pressed in, but this could be the issue as I know that the 2016 and newer hoyts required a special press. Perhaps it was pressed incorrectly.

I'm 100% confident that it was not bent due to anything I did to it. I can't say for sure that it was not bent when I bought it, but I am quite sure I would have noticed or the hoyt dealers who did work on it would have noticed.

I'll keep you updated on what I hear back from Hoyt!
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