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Originally Posted by Dean2 View Post
Guys, suggest a legitimate name for him to contact or just move on. If you have never hunted BB before getting someone who knows what they are doing to show you the ropes is not a bad idea, especially if you don't have quads, 4x4 etc to do it on your own. I know I used to float the Bow once or twice a year, always hired a guide with a boat. Way less grief than needing my own canoe, arranging pickup and return to launch, etc. I always took a guest so the guide supplied waders, rod, flys and everything else. On top of that, the guide was on the water 6 or 7 days a week and knew exactly what the fish were taking, where they were best fished etc. Far easier than ever trying to do all that on my own.

To the OP, sorry but everyone I know that would be an option is already booked. You might get lucky and find someone who isn't a guide but has experience by posting in the hunting partner sticky.
I wasn't picking on him, if he doesn't know how it's done, he's free to ask. Maybe he thinks it's hard and complicated, but like others said, it's probably the easiest hunt. Anyone with a gun or bow and a motor vehicle can drive around and shoot a bear off the road. No 4x4 needed, I hunted with a car for several years, just don't go if it's wet.
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