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Default Good trail cams that donít break the bank

I have been using Spypoint force 10 and force 11 (running probably close to 20 of these 2). These have been pretty good cameras for the price (can usually pick them up on sale for $100-130). Camera speed is really good, batteries last a long time and bang for your buck is pretty darn good as far as I am concerned.

Only negatives I have had with these cams, is that some of them once they reach the last day of the month donít flip over to the new month on the time stamp (reverts back to a day in the same month) which is really annoying. So have to send these back and get them replaced by spypoint. I would also say that spypoints customer service has really fallen off in the last year or so.

I see these apeman cameras on amazon, really good reviews. Havenít tried them but they seem decent price for the good reviews.


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