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Originally Posted by Don_Parsons View Post
Awesome thread as I've fumbled along the years my self.

Got lucky too find a few re-loading folks that have it down patt.

I did the neck trim and sizing years ago,,, now I'm back at it once more with many other things added to the mix.

The fab 7 too brass & bullets.
Also work with primer and powders with more quality & control.

I'm setting up my re-loading system so its easy step by step that will hopefully make ammo constant.

As stated in many re-loading articles.

Does anyone here reload shotgun? 410? I want to start but not sure which machine to buy that won't break the bank and need a good mentor!

"If the ammo we produce is as good as, or better than factory cartrages,,, then any errors in shooting will on the Firearm/ optics, or our selves."

One area I'm addressing on top of re-loading is a firearm that is built on a foundation of consistency.
Kinda like a test rifle that stays truly planted.

This eliminates most of those errors of my shooting skills. That way it will assist me in working the load development area.


Does anyone reload shotgun shells here? 410 to be exact? i want to start but need to find a machine that won't break the bank along with a good mentor!
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