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Part 3 .. Common Cents.

Most people are so broke they can't afford it.

The rest are on drugs.

Had to leave you on a happy note, we all know and understand
right from wrong, and reconise when we see it or don't.

More or less posted this to let you all know I seen over the years gone
by AO and the people in Alberta are very much like me.

Thank you all for your support and conversations we have had,
truly as close as family to me.

Maybe one day .. June I can't stand the cold .. I could get up there
fly fish, drink a beer at the inn and just get to spend a sunny afternoon
tie some flyies, I my mind.

I just read this morning about the ice over posts in the fishing section.

You'll never know how much I'ld love to strap on the Carharts and go out
for the night in ice shanty on Cove Lake with the rest.

Yea I know Cove lake is dead today, walleye are far and few between.

When ever you all remember me think of Gordon Lightfoot, that is how I
will always remember you.

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