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Default Simplicity and Common Cents

Some or many of you may or may not visit from time to time
other hunting/archery websites like AT the black hole.

I do, have done for many years, mostly watch and read, seldom reply or post.

I don't need to beat myself on the head with a hammer to have fun.

That's why I have my "home page" in my browser set to AO instead of AT.

Important to the subject of my posting here is to see if you all see the same
as I see "trends or things going on today".

I think you all do just as I do.

AT with a slogan "Archers Helping Archers" archery website has gone "big box store" with it's classifieds.

Lost most all of the long time memberships of volunteer individual specialists
in the fields of major bow manufactures .. Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bear, BowTec.
These people offered free help and advice to the best of their skill and knowelage without any demand for money or fame.

Yea, I know, I should have posted the above to AT on their site to let them

If any of you have been to the AT site in the last 6 months you would agree
it's a useless post to them at this point.

Back in the day (6-7 years ago) even on AT with all it's bad black cloud
rumors it did have many people on there that where really great people.
Who offered honest help as best they can.

Just they other day I can only count 2 who are still there, Padgett and Nuts&bolts who still try to offer help and honesty.

The rest are gone, and there where many before.

My point here being, AT like AO are both great archery, hunting outdoors
websites. Big diff. is Adims, MODS, Members, make or break it as time goes on.

Change is sometimes needed, sometimes good, sometimes simply the wrong
thing to do.

Balance work/play in a persons being, or a project or a venture over a lifetime..Is the best of all worlds, what we all seek to find all our lives but few ever know.
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