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Not necessarily anything we were not aware of already, but, it is at least out in the open now. And we keep adding to the story of C71 and its implications and empowerment of the brain dead.

There was a big kerfuffle today, caused by a GFY comment by a Global news employee today from their Montreal affiliate, about responses to an article they published, about more guns means more mass shootings, as per a twisted study. Somebody ought to be looking for a new job out of the media industry, it pretty much went viral on FB, can't publish the screenshots of what was said on here though.
And Wendy Whoppers is up to her usual level of disinformation and fantasy;

Cukier comments on legal gun owners are irresponsible and self-serving
You’ve seen the comments by now.
Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control, says that “legal gun owners tend to be more effective in killing people because they spend time at target practice, or hunting”
Those recent comments made by Ms. Cukier, simply put, are repulsive, disgraceful and disrespectful to the 2.2-million licensed firearms owners across Canada. Like our fellow Canadians, the firearms community deeply cares about public safety and wants to see an end to firearms-related violence. Irresponsible and self-serving comments like these do nothing to help solve the issues at hand. These comments are neither constructive or appropriate for reducing gun violence in Canada and illustrate a complete and utter lack of respect and accountability in their advocacy.
It is clear that the Coalition for Gun Control is more interested in a little social media attention rather than working collaboratively with fellow Canadians to solve the real problems that are leading to violence in this country.
NOW is the time for all true advocates for enhanced public safety to focus their energy into having a meaningful dialogue about how to tackle the real issues around gun violence in this country rather than resorting to cheap, divisive rhetoric. We continue to wait on the Coalition for Gun Control and other gun control advocates to step up in this regard. #waiting
You should also be a member;

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