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I should clarify a little. Hate to cause a panic!!!

My statement, “do not harvest early coyotes” by that i mean the stuff pre-Oct 15. Some areas in the south that can also be inclusive of goods to Oct 21 and even some goods to Nov 1.

Depends on area and also the season.

If you wait til Dec, then most everything is real nice

Many Nov goods will be saleable, but if i was the person buying the coyotes AND making trim with them, id tell people i dont want nothing until December and i still might reject the Dec pups. Thats the Beasley in me!

Lotsa Nov coyotes are flat down the centers, on their backs, thpugh the sides are priming up. Take a Nov 1 skin, dried, and fold it over to see what a trim would look like. If the pelt doesnt have “body” down the center, as in no cushion die to a lack of under wool, then the skin is not “prime” from a hair prime ness

But definitely do what you want!
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