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Originally Posted by pikeslayer22 View Post
What’s your thoughts on average time of prime ness Marty? To me around here it’s mid November to December at the earliest
Always nice to determine what a person’s definition of “prime” means. Fully prime as in completely developed, fully haired pelts with fully developed wool. You should find these by Dec 1 and they will be better by Christmas.

Lots of November skins look nice, are developing wonderfully but lack wool down the center of the back. We’d often get big $$$ when we’d send them to NAFA but a lot of them will actually fall in the “underdeveloped category”. Closer to Dec 1 the better.

Season to season, grade will often reflect demand, hungry buying companies will be more gracious and overlook things than same buying companies another year that are full of goods and short on capital.

My favourite “prime” coyotes are the non-blemished skins amongst the late season collection. Fully grown max length hair, full and extra heavy underwool, espcially ona deep snow winter when the fur snow brightens.
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