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Smile Canadian-made Hunting Ammo and Accessories

Hey guys! We are a new online retailer out of Calgary. We offer pickup options if your in the city, free next day shipping within Calgary on orders over $200, and discounted shipping nationally on orders over $300. Our goal is to provide all Canadians with the option to choose locally made ammunition, firearms and accessories, while keeping prices low and our past-time affordable.

When you're stocking up this season consider choosing local and supporting Canadian manufactures. A couple options to bring to light:

- Score makes great waterfowl and upland loads which are quite a bit cheaper and still just as reliable as any of the major brands. See here for 12 ga and 20 ga options.

- If you are looking for slings, check out these handmade paracord options for both bow and rifle.

- AB Wingmen makes great handmade custom duck lanyards and totes

- Check our our variety of other hunting rounds and accessories here.

- We are working with Canadian commercial reloaders to bring locally produced hunting rounds in popular calibres to you folks soon!

Hit me up if you have suggestions for Canadian manufactures, whether cottage industry or industrial, we are always looking to increase our inventory of locally made product!

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