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I'd be willing to respond to a 911 call in my area ( say within 10 miles )
On a voluntary basis, just because someone needs help.
The technology exists to have a local quick response system in place, the trouble is modern police view the public as the adversary rather than allies.
The truth is most calls police respond to could be handled by a couple neighbors stopping in. Then if needed the local "deputy" can ask a officer to attend when needed.
Examples would be first contact at a domestic, accompanying EMS on calls where they want protection, accompany a officer who would otherwise have to wait for a on call officer.
Who of you rural residents wouldn't be willing to respond to a neighbors 911 call while they wait for RCMP ?
I'd envision a pre screened group that agrees to be first on scene within their local community and work alongside the police. I also advocate a Alberta Policd force.
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