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Originally Posted by pikeman06 View Post
I live in central alberta east. People are fed up with the crime and I think it's just a matter of time till someone takes the law into their own hands. Police are basically nowhere to be seen and response times are ridiculous. I little more patrol time would definitely help. If the cops would get out at night and patrol the small towns and pull over the odd guy late at night on the highways I'm sure they would be stumble upon the odd criminal. You see them make a pass thru town at 3pm on a Sunday...never at night. I'm not sure what the logic is. Alot of people out here have given up on the police and are talking crazy about vigilante type action and I hardly blame them. Sad state of affairs.
I agree that there are not enough RCMP to police rural Alberta. Since the RCMP often have only have one member working alone, the safest place for him/her is to remain in the detachment. I think rural Albertans deserve more police and if the RCMP can not supply them, then there should be a Provincial Police Force.
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