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Originally Posted by raab View Post
Says the guy with 2200 officers within 40 minutes of his place.
And yet.. Those 2200 officers still were not able to curtail the crime we had. Hell, Just like your community, they could care less, as there were more serious crimes they were handling.

It was our community members that decided enough was enough. In fact, You can't go down any street/alley/pathway in our neighborhood without at least one camera catching you, not to mention the step up in security systems. Between the vehicle thefts/b&E's/etc, it was rare for a night to go by without something happening. A couple well placed GPS trackers led to some high speed chases, and guess what? Crime is now down in our neighborhood. Word got out, that the easy pickens were not more..

Yet, the police have not increased patrols.
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