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Originally Posted by Bigwoodsman View Post
And your the most beautiful of all! I went to Calling because of this forum. I fished but didnít catch. I will be going back not because of what DC shared but because I want to explore that lake. The techniques given work on any other lake in the province or country for that matter.

What give you the right to say what others should or shouldnít say on a public forum.

Lol ask yourself the same question??
Itís a public forum, and I said what I wanted to say. And all you guys are getting bent out of shape.
I donít get why guys need to name lakes, itís like calling guys out with pics of the back grounds. Itís ignorant towards other guys who want to be hush.

Yeah itís a big lake, and itís no fricken secret. No kidding.
But I donít think itís Nessasary to make a post out of the blue naming your exact technique to the second of jigging your rod, then name the lake. To me, thatís just a seek for attention. But hey! Thatís just my opinion.
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