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Originally Posted by Ackleyman View Post
That's why a certain detachment South of Calgary books our range a few times a year. On those days the range is closed to all members. The cops practice / qualify with their various weapons . Real good guys , do their thing and go home. Pretty easy . Seems you can barely fart these days and some daisy sniffer is whining.
Many detachments book range time for law enforcement, without our ranges, most law enforcement would have no place to practise or qualify. Our city works with us to keep our range open, and in return, the city police have a range to book, at no cost to them. We also rent range time to the RCMP, F&W, and companies like Brinks, so having our non profit ranges benefits all of these organizations. But when the range is not booked, our rules are the same for all members, because it makes it much easier for a volunteer run organization, that usually has no RSO on the premises to run.
But the range rules are a non issue, if the courts decide that off duty law enforcement are not allowed to be at a range with prohibited firearms.
Only accurate guns are interesting.
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