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Originally Posted by Au revoir, Gopher View Post
It's a pity that jumping to conclusions isn't an olympic sport, I'm sure there would be some medalist here. We don't know who complained and we don't know what they complained about.

The only assumption I am (knowingly) making is that if he was going to a range when he was off duty he must have had a PAL. If he had a PAL, he should have known the legal status of the firearms in his possession and what his obligations were concerning them. As such I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for him. And if he didn't have a PAL I have even less sympathy for him.

The only thing that isn't an assumption, is that he was charged, and as many people here like to point out, you don't get charged for no reason. People can whine all they want about why someone reported him, but if he is found guilty, he has nobody to blame but himself, and he doesn't deserve any more sympathy than anyone else that is convicted of the same offense.
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