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I have personally been present at two ranges were leo have brought personal firearms to sight in while using the range during police training etc. They were not happy when I told them to buy a membership or leave.
The last time was just before the oic. Two Rcmp in uniform roll up to the pistol bay with both gf in tow. I check the log book as I did not see them enter the club house. No one signed in. No Rcmp schedule on website. They stare at me like Iam doing something wrong. I continue shooting and notice they are pulling out there Ar15 on the pistol range.
I walk over introduce myself and explain that was not legal, safe and they should sign in and follow range protocol.
Got nothing but attitude. I told them if they didn't comply I would ask for there names and badge numbers all there gf names and phone the local detachment then explain there officers actions and gf using Ar15 with high capacity mags and leo pistols that are prohibited for civilians while trespassing armed would go real south quick. I got a real weird look from the leos. The ladies looked white as a ghost.
I then asked them to either sign in follow the rules and next time not bring there dates without there own range membership and if in uniform they shouldn't be bringing people as guests.
For a few seconds I wasn't sure if I was gonna be arrested or they would comply. They hung around for a few moments then left. Due to there demeanor when they left I thought for sure a squad care would be waiting for me at the top of the hill.
My 2 cents for what its worth.
1. Leo are not openly opposing the oic or any firearms laws. Most would be falling all over themselves to charge us for the same crap.
2. They don't need a most have no clue on safe storage or transport laws.
3. 80 percent of leos need non for profit clubs to train. So don't abuse it.
4. If in uniform. And booked no issue. If not same laws apply to me. I have thousands of dollars tied up in paper weights. I cant use as a civilian so neither can they.
5. Way to many leos think they can squeeze past current range rules as they have a badge. NO!!! they should be setting examples for youth.
6. If you see a leo not follow the rules explain the rules give them an out. If they don't want to be responsible at a range then let them have it. If we don't and the ranges get shut down due to miss use the leo wont help us open another.
7. Let the Rcmp have his day in Court.
Its fall get out shooting hunting and take a new person or youth with you. Iam taking my son out this week with his new to him modified m77 ruger .257 Bob that Cat worked magic on the pad and trigger. Thanks again Cat.
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