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Originally Posted by 3blade View Post
My “downsize” is used when I think they might be hook shy, because they never really key in on anything but fish. muddler minnow with lots of weight on a 15-20ft fluoro leader dragged through the bottom of a deep pool...but this pushes the limit of what you can really call fly fishing, more like jig fishing. Fun though, they do seem to really hate that pattern and strike hard.
It does not surpise me your splitshot muddler is a go-to pattern. My #1 bull trout pattern is a modestly sized clouser minnow: straight white, white-olive, and white-brown. I think anything that sinks quickly and represents a 1-2 year old whitefish is to bull trout as a SJW or pheasant tail is to a rainbow trout---they have to eat, so they eat something that is somewhat

The clouser will sink much faster and will usually have a bit more glitz than a muddler, but it will push less water and the muddler plays dual duty as a whitefish and sculpin.
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