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Originally Posted by Kurt505 View Post
My thoughts are, and especially for a coastal hunter, how will it perform in the rain and fog? I know my lieca range finder is junk in the fog and rain.
Funny thing - one of my Buddies and I were chatting about just that last night, and he brought this exact issue up. Since we hunt fog, mist, drizzle and rain out here a fair amount of the time, that lets this out of the running for now.

Originally Posted by brendan's dad View Post
... Iron Noggin, have you consider the Burris Eliminator on your X-bow?
No. Far to big, bulky, and heavy. And at their price point, I'd have to pass.

The 380 Matrix shoots flat enough that close ranging isn't really much of a requirement (there is very little drop between 20 & 30 yards). But I did like the idea of a light sight that had the capabilities.

Guess I'll stick with the Hawke Compact for now...

Thanks fellas...

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